Updated October 29th
Please note I have had to change my email address , which now is laurie.manser@gmail.com please use  this if you wish to contact me.
I do hope that some of the hints will be of use to you, I can only say what I do and why I do it
 as , there is not a right or wrong way of doing things in gardening .
I did write a small book about my life from a garden boy in the 40's and we sold it when I did my "Memory" talk, we donated 50p per book to the British Heart Foundation who received over £1000.00 as a result. I do not get it printed now but on the right is a link by which you can download it to read.
I have been asked to put my talk on to a disc for those who have been unable to hear it, I have done this and a few discs are available ,please email me for details.
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Garden Hints for November

With November starting we draw near the end of the gardening year. We can start looking at catalogues for next year’s vegetables etc.
Leeks and some of the cabbage family will still near harvesting but most of the crops are finished. It is worth keeping old foliage and such clear around the plants so as to not make homes for slugs and snails. Some folks will spread compost or manure on the ground to allow the worms to draw it down, others will dig it in, we all have our own ideas about what is best. I have never and will not claim to know what is best but you do what suits you and your ground.
Dahlias will have been frosted by now, if the weather is normal, so if I just say what we used to do as things change . My wife and I used to grow about 200-300 dahlia plants so we could sell the blooms and for many years I would lift some of each variety, remove any loose soil ,cutting the tops to about 6 inches ad then store them in a frost free place which is not too warm. In the spring I would remove the then dry soil , divide the tubers and replant, Many will wash all the soil off , store in peat etc. but I never worried too much about this. My sweet peas will now be singled out into root tubes to wait being planted next spring. Daffodils and narcissi will be coming on and will need keeping clear of weeds etc. they are perfectly hardy so do not need any protection. They flower from February till May so please do not worry about early ones showing.
Apart from removing any large collections of leaves I think lawns are best kept off at this time of year.

Container grown plants

As most of you will know I lost my garden when we had to move from the tied house with our employer dieing and me coming to the age  of 80. Since then we have grow most things in containers apart from things I grow on my allottment. These picture are just to show some of the  container plants.

Sweet peas

Thse are my first bunch picked 25th May which is right as I usually pick chelsea week.
I went to my allotment this morning to check after hard frost. pleased to see sweet peas still looking good. They were sown on 8th October last year.

Potatoes ready for planting after at least ten weeks chitting, I will plant them on the flat so that I have plenty of soil for earthing up  and the potatoes grow through the centre of the ridge rater than come out of the side.

2018 Sweetpeas

I sowed my sweetpeas on October 8th as I have done for many years, I have good germination 48 seedlings out of 50 seeds. I think there might be one or two to come up yet. They are looking rather drawn as with no garden or greenhouse I am very limited as to where to put them. I must single them out within a few days.
I have just singled the sweet peas into root trainers, there are 51 from 50 purchased seeds. They always allow one or two extras.

The second picture taken on Jan. 6th show sweet peas breaking with out being stopped , they are been outside ever since they were put into root trainers

My latest picture taken on March 28th shows plants now, planted hoping weather stays good.
waiting to be planted once the ground is suitable.